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Helping to secure our community for over three decades.

5% Discount for Military (Veterans, Active Duty & Reservists) and First Responders (Fire Fighters, Police & EMT's)

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Residential Doors

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Commerical Doors



Operating Systems

Operating Systems

Coiling Steel Doors

Nevada Overhead Door Company installs and services many types of Coiling Steel Doors including...

*Insulated and Un-Insulated Slat Doors
*Overhead Grilles
*Side Folding Grilles
*Insulated and Un-Insulated Sheet Doors
*Mini Storage Sheet Doors

We offer a one year warranty on new garage installations and a 30-day parts and labor warranty. Emergency service is available. With your safety in mind, please never attempt to repair a broken spring or cable on your garage door. This is a very common cause of serious injury and sometimes even death. Let us handle your garage door repairs safely and properly at fair prices you can afford.

And don't forget to ask us about our lifetime guarantee program!

Our Manufacturers Include:

CHI Service Doors:

Medium Duty Service Doors 6241:
A moderately priced dock and material handling solution.

CHI Medium Duty Service Doors 6241

Full Duty Service And Insulated Door 6000:
Designed for strength and durability.

CHI Full Duty Service And Insulated Door 6000

CHI Counter Shutters:

Counter Shutter 6500:
Offers security, flexibility, and has great appeal.

CHI Counter Shutter 6500

CHI Fire Doors:

Fire Doors 7000:
The Guardian, Fire Door is engineered to meet the demands of property owners and insurance underwriters.

CHI Fire Doors 7000

CHI Fire Shutters:

Fire Counter Shutters 7500:
U.L. labeled fire shutter roll up door.

CHI U.L Rated Fire Counter Shutters 7500

CHI Grilles and Closures:

Side Folding Grilles And Closures 9100:
Resourceful way to secure an opening for almost any application.

CHI 9100 series steel roll-up doors

EASY Grilles And Closures 9200:
Pre-installed in its own storage pocket including door.

CHI EASY Grilles And Closures 9200

Lift Ready Coiling Grilles 9300:
New design that reduces installation time without compromising security.

CHI Lift Ready Coiling Grilles 9300

Cornell Iron Works PDF Data Sheets

Cornell Rolling Service Doors:

Cornell Rolling Service Doors Model ESD10:

Cornell Rolling Service Doors Model ESD10

Cornell Rapid Response Doors:

Cornell Rapid Response Doors:

Cornell Rapid Response Doors

Cornell Common Accessories- Service Doors:

Cornell Common Accessories - Service Doors:

Common Accessories - Service Doors

Cornell Extreme Performance Doors:

Extreme 1024 High Performance Doors:
Tested to perform for over a million cycles at an opening speed of 24” per second.

Cornell Extreme 1024 High Performance Door

Cornell Insulated Rolling Doors



Cornell Common Accessories - Thermiser Insulated Doors:

Cornell Thermiser Insulated Doors - Accessories

Cornell Fire Rated Doors

Cornell Rolling Fire Doors Model ERD10:

Cornell Fire Door Model ERD10

Cornell SmokeShield:

Cornell SmokeShield UL Classified Smoke and Draft Control Assemblies

Cornell M100 FireGard:

Cornell M100 FireGard fire door closing systems.

Cornell M100 FireGard Closing System Benefits:

Cornell M100 FireGard Closing System Benefits:.

Cornell Fire Door Closing System Accessories:

Cornell M100 FireGard System Accessories.

Cornell FireGard model AR-D tri-voltage releasing device:

Cornell model AR-D tri-voltage releasing device.

Cornell Common Accessories - Fire Doors:

Cornell Common Accessories - Fire Doors.

Cornell Insulated Fire Rated Doors

Cornell Firemiser Insulated Fire Door:

Cornell Firemiser Insulated Fire Door ERD20.

Cornell FireGard Simplified Fire Product Operating Systems:

Cornell Simplified Fire Product Operating Systems.

Cornell Smoke Doors & Shutters

Cornell Emergency Response Product Operators:

Cornell Emergency Response Product Operators.

Cornell Fire Rated Shutters

Cornell Counter Fire Doors Model ERC10:

Cornell Fire Door Model ERC10.

Cornell M100 FireGard Tube Motors:

Cornell Counter Fire Doors with or without Integral Frame & Sill.

Cornell Counter Doors with Integral Frame and Sill:

Cornell Counter Doors with Frame & Sill.

Cornell Retrofit Fire Door Data Sheets

Cornell M100 Retrofit Operators:

A Simple Solution to Your Rolling Fire Door Frustrations.

Cornell EMERGENCY RESPONSE FireGard Retrofit Operators:

Improve Operation While Maintaining Your Existing Rating.

Cornell CrossingGard Grilles



Cornell CrossingGard ERG (Emergency Response Grille):

Cornell ERG-IBC Access-Controlled Egress.

Security Grilles & Closures

Cornell Rolling Grilles - VisionAire and VistaGard Series:

High Cycle Construction.

Cornell EZ-Lift Grille:

Great for Mall Storefronts - provide security, visibility and airflow on large storefront openings.

Cornell Cornell Tube Motor Operators:

Ideal for openings with tight clearances.

Cornell Common Accessories - Rolling Grilles:

Common Accessories for Rolling Grilles.

SentryGate Grilles

Cornell SentryGate 3:

Cornell SentryGate 3 Model ESG20.

Cornell SentryGate 4:

Cornell SentryGate 4 Model ESG21.

Cornell Common Accessories - SentryGate Grilles:

Cornell SentryGateAccessories.

Side Folding Grilles & Closures

Cornell Side Folding Grille:

Cornell Side Folding Grille: VisionGlide.

Cornell Grille Applications:

Cornell Institutional, Parking, Retail Grille Applications.

Cornell Pocket Doors:

Cornell Pocket Doors for Side Folding Grilles, Closures and TranZform Accordion Products.

High Cycle Grilles

Cornell Extreme Cycle Life Grilles
Accommodates up to 20 open / close cycles per day.

Cornell Extreme cycle life grilles

Accordion Partitions

Cornell TranZform Side Folding Accordion Products
Models ERP10, ESP10 & ESP20.

Cornell TranZform Side Folding Accordion Products

DBCI Doors



DBCI Self-Storage Solutions:

DBCI 650 Series.

Flexon Speed-Commander®

Flexon Speed-Commander 1200
Dock-Master Screen-Master.

Flexon Speed-Commander® 1200 Dock-Master Screen-Master

Flexon Speed-Commander 1400 SEL
Now comes in a sectional panel design.

Flexon Speed-Commander® 1400 SEL

Flexon Speed-Commander 1400 SEL Clean-Master 20 Pa
Has clean room applications to prevent air movement.

Flexon Speed-Commander® 1400 SEL Clean-Master 20 Pa

Flexon Speed-Commander 1400 SEL Cool-Master
An ideal door for energy savings.

Speed-Commander® 1400 SEL Cool-Master

Flexon Speed-Master 1600 L Eco
Optional vision areas.

Flexon Speed-Master® 1600 L Eco

Flexon Speed-Master 1600 L
Seals provide both dust and odor containment.

Flexon Speed-Master® 1600 L

Flexon Speed-Master 2600 L
The Speed-Master 2600 L is a light grid door built into guide tracks up to 8'0" high.

Flexon Speed-Master® 2600 L

Flexon Speed-Master® 4600
Recommended for door openings up to 33'0" wide x 30'0" high.

Flexon Speed-Master® 4600

Flexon Speed-Guardian® 4000 U
Thick panels made of hot-dipped galvanized steel, provides a long lasting surface.

Flexon Speed-Guardian® 4000 U

Flexon Screen-Master® Insect Control Barriers
Never sacrifice sanitation for comfort.

Flexon Screen-Master® Insect Control Barriers

Flexon Screen-Master® Automatic Roll-Up Barrier
Keep your work environment clean.

Flexon Screen-Master® Automatic Roll-Up Barrier

Flexon Screen-Master® Manual Barriers
A practical, clean and easy way to keep out insects.

Flexon Screen-Master® Manual Barriers